Somewhere out there, in the Alaskan Inner Passage, or the Pacific Northwest, or wherever it manifests itself: lies maybe this, oh so foreign concept of the “untouched.” — the idea of seeing- being in the world just as it is, as it was, before the influence of man. As if it had been (and will continue) eons in this sort of holistic, holy state..left to its own devices: An insular image of the world in the way that it should be, primal, even feral- The new world uncorrupted and completely self sustainable. (And I use that phrase, “new world” in more ways than one. First, as one must have seen it for the first time. Secondly, as what now it is not. A phrase that a modern culture creates new all over again, in a 21st century context of “newness,” ironically, because of its untouched age.)

Essentially, an idealism made reality, something majestically proud of itself because of it. As it should be , without exploitation, extraction at the doings of its inhabitants. Allowing ownership of those delicate strings of its balance to no one but itself, confident of its ability to endure, without the degradation and rape of its dignity by human hands.. without the assumption of it’s inhabitants in their perceived knowledge regarding it’s well being. These images, partly inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto I guess in their formulation, too deal with the issue of time. This idea that the world looked this way when it was created and should look this way when they are destroyed at the end of that time.

So, as a by product maybe of this, those that are here, are oft rooted in their humanity.. and the knowledge of that humanity’s role on earth.

They understand their transience, and bow humbly to a world that they know collectively, is bigger than they could ever hope to be.

And so then, what parts of ourselves in this way are still: untouched, unearthed, that need discovering? What part of us is unadultered? And finally, what parts of our humanity are intrinsically beautiful in their recession so deep inside of us: that a new modernity cannot touch? And what parts of ourselves will go with us to our graves intact?


~ by crossmd on July 2, 2009.

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