So recently, I’ve given no small amount of thought to the concept of the “miracle,” the idea that the world, in all of it’s complexity, is in a perpetual state of giving way to a myriad of things, events, objects, that cannot be anything but the product of a working on a greater level; things inexplicable on the level of the immediate, always accumulating, weaving themselves in and around each other maybe in ways not instantly apparent.

Now, if that sounds at all vague, it is only so intentionally, as to allow for a larger “umbrella” of potential miracles. To do this, I think to some degree a re-evaluation of the word “miracle” is in order. By this I mean, it’s necessary to potentially view anything that we can perceive as being “latently divine,” or unexplainable, and appreciated on a level that is transcendent of its immediate offerings, as something “miraculous.”

For instance: the other day I marveling at the consistency of a well made gummy bear. I’m not sure exactly what it is about a well made gummy bear that sits outside of a shitty gummy bear, but my ability to differentiate and perceive an appreciation of that, outside of it physically just being one, is what I believe makes the consistency of a gummy bear, a miracle. It’s all of that working on a greater level (to me) that creates something that I believe is rooted somewhere higher, even so far as to say, in the divine?

On top of this though, a miracle can be officially defined as:

“A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency”: the consistency of said gummy bear takes me aback. More than welcome, the origin of its consistency is seemingly inexplicable, that science should be able to craft such a thing, and imbue it with such deliciousness = miracle.

OR, “A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences” : it was a miracle that more people hadn’t been killed or injured: a miracle drug.

OR, “An amazing product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something”: a machine which was a miracle of design.

Why any of this though?

I’m convinced at this point that under the surface maybe, lies a network of the miracles, that these things are related to a certain degree. A “web” of sorts that is maybe all too often existing only subtly and quietly, being overlooked in the constant motion of our day to day obligations, etc. If in the event that they are all products of the same sort of divine source (or even if they actually are, as even this maybe can’t be assumed..) then I wonder as to the potential of their differences. Read: How could they not be connected?

So in order to begin to try and see this, I need to have more than the few examples I’ve found, to pull from. Trying to start to draw conclusions about these things would need a ridiculous degree of observation and time that I don’t have. Thus, I am enlisting the help of anyone. If you (or anyone else!) can attest to anything that you think even begins to fall under this category, I would be really thankful to know them. Of course under no obligation, I would like to collect them, record them, as I’m sure what I’m looking for would only start to reveal themselves over a fairly substantial period of time in collecting a great deal of these. This could be anything that you find to be inexplicable or ineffable, or astoundingly valuable on an inherently unaccountable level. If you ever see or realize something that you just think is nothing short of miraculous, I want you to text them, or email them, or facebook them to me (even if it’s anonymously..) as long as it’s not made up. If it’s a miracle to you, it’s a miracle to me.

This only has so much reach in reading this, and I would love to throw this out as far as I could, so tell everyone, give out my phone number, etc. I promise I don’t mind.

tl;dnr- I think miracles are connected. I want to know how far, and to what extent. Text them to me. Thanks.


~ by crossmd on February 27, 2010.

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  1. One situation that I find to be a humongous miracle is the fact that we met at all. Really, I find any encounter between people who get to know each other to be nothing short of miraculous. But just think: We were in the same second-grade class for a few months, until March or something. I could have been in any other class, gone to any other school, my dad could have been located at any other Nations Credit in the country, but he was located at the one in Richmond, and we chose that apartment that placed me in the Springfield Park zone. Then I moved. Then we went to the same high school, which could have not happened, had one of us gone to a specialty center. We were in the same homeroom–because homerooms were organized by last names; they could just as easily been randomized. And we talked with Jay and Andrew (who was also in our second-grade class?!). And now we are in touch. I think that is a miracle. And I think you’ll understand more than anyone that I’m not being a creep, but it really is something interesting that happened with situations to cause Me to meet You. And this formula could be applied to basically any other meeting. I mean, you’re bound to meet someone in your life, but to collect people, that’s miraculous.

    Oh yeah, this is Paige, by the way. I deleted my Facebook/MySpace the other day, but I’ve still got blogs and emails and stuff.

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