With the advent of summer, one of the things that I’m trying really hard to do is not fall into the doldrums of summer apathy that has been a part of so many before it. I guess as I see it, it becomes something that’s really sort of a commodity now. The concept of summer, this intermission for three whole months out of a year, I waste so well. I have one left. You probably don’t have a lot more.

Without spending but so much time in the pulpit, I believe that we have two different educations. We are always in a state of development. In looking around though, it seems to pervade the ideas of many that everything that one would need to know would be encompassed in a collegiate degree that deemed you “qualified.”

I’m a purveyor of the belief that the understanding, and the self-acknowledgement of knowledge is liberating. I believe immensely so. I heard recently the idea that the greater academic “mind” is an extension of yours. That you are synthesized with every other experimental explorative effort made in the pursuit of knowledge. They all collectively impact you in a sort of web that at the very least makes up the world around you, if not the very things you believe and acknowledge. If this true, I’ve got a lot to catch up on.

And so, you sort of have two educations. One you go to class for, the other is a product exclusively of your own doing. If you look at your class requirements for your “degree education” for instance, you’ll notice that they probably are a collection of a lot of things that are good for you. They claim a lot of things, this generic collection. They wager that you can be “educated” after completing them. In a lot of ways, it’s the end of the road right? The death of the classroom and the birth of the cubicle (the paycheck, the mortgages).

Who are they though to tell you what you need to know to be successful? They don’t know you. Yours is an education tailored to the masses. They sat in a boardroom and determined what was most comprehensive for most people inside of your discipline that would give you the appearance of being well qualified post-grad and would reflect back on the school. In a way, even from the beginning your later reflection on your alma mater is a major factor in exposing you now to what is deemed worthy. Your interests, your gravitations are not really taken into consideration. Is it not our charge then, to seek out adamantly those addendums to this?

What if your degree was the bare minimum? Not the end, only the beginning. What if it was a catapult that sent you farther and faster than you’d been before? What if you were the best and only teacher that would give you exactly what you needed, and what if you started (because you could) with that right now?


~ by crossmd on June 28, 2010.

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