Every so often, I come across something enduring from someone who’s dead. Some kind of writing, or art, or action. These things I have in mind all have one enduring characteristic, and that is exactly that. That they are enduring. It’s an odd thing that something would have life after the death of its creator. I think though, that those things still are by nature so vital because they had to have come from vitality. (If this only sounds like two examples of self-referential bullshit, I’m sorry..) That there was so much vibrancy that went into their creation that they don’t have a choice but to just keep giving that back, giving that out. They become overcharged dynamos of life’s distilled essence.

I want first the things that I do to so obviously and so naturally come completely from within me that I have no choice but to do them. And then, to have them radiate inherently with such a vitality that they just have to explode outward, and do the same for others. It’s like in the most ideal sense, I would be a conduit. You would start at one end, I would give you something that would electrify, everything that you would, could, have to do, and you would come out the other side ready to explode. Maybe even a conduit yourself. This is a work in progress.


~ by crossmd on February 21, 2011.

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