I can’t get enough of this. What other video has someone eating a cockroach, vomiting, and hanging themselves in the span of three minutes? It’s arresting, absolutely, but in a way it’s so damn refreshing when next to an oversaturated cesspool of “hip-pop.” Largely, I see OFWGKTA as being the reincarnation of the rap collective (and the origins of the whole genre, honestly) at it’s core. This is why I can’t listen to a lot of Goblin without thinking about NWA. Simplistic, introspective, intensely unorthodox and created to make a hell of a statement – this is what hip-hop should be.

Probably NSFW.

Edit: One of the most amazing things I think about OFWGKTA, is that despite the fact that there’s not really a melody – still you’re transfixed. He goes against so many conventions, and talks (raps?) about how he’s going against so many conventions that you’re glued to the immediacy of the sheer content alone. It’s not a trainwreck, you want to keep listening. How many other people can say that they can do that?


~ by crossmd on May 10, 2011.

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