I love Scott Schumann, I love his style and I love what he does. If you follow him closely, it becomes clear that he’s pushing the boundaries of how we define style and where it comes from by looking at places and clothing that are anything but sartorial. Putting together pieces of cloth on one’s body becomes an artform that here, manifests itself by drawing from a personal history of observation. Each article comes from life. All of the things that clothing means: status, race, gender, culture, class, worldview, etc. are here drawn from the personal interaction with the outside world and put together to create an identity that is in someway (or can be..) an homage to the things, the people that inspired it.

It’s interesting to see how this parallels with (for me personally) the act of shooting photography. I think being in communion with your environment-looking, visually for cues and points of significance and creating something meaningful from them is really not all that much different next to this “sartorial eye”. It’s only natural that photography and this brand of “decisive-moment fashion observation” would go hand in hand. Scott Schumann converges these two and has made them his lifestyle and his living.

Fake edit: Watching the significance that he imparts to things that anyone else would ignore stands makes me wonder if his site is one of the last bastions of real, healthy, standards of beauty – Standing firmly (even if on the fringe) against the unreality of American beauty ideals, or body ideals. Often I find in perusing his site that unconventional beauty has never been more gorgeous than it is here.



~ by crossmd on May 13, 2011.

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