I found these images, here earlier today and found myself a little bit transfixed. This is a newly constructed corporate headquarters for Harbin Pharmaceutical Company in northeast China. The comparisons to Versailles are really pretty valid and in a really vivid way, it’s the exact incarnation of the magnitude and the extent to which western capitalism has permeated Chinese culture and economics.

Simultaneously though, it raises again the age old question too of authenticity in architecture. If the only examples of past western culture are appearing now in the east, is it the same? Is it only born out of opulence? The moral implications of architecture here take on a turn that they have never seen in a cultural environment that they have never seen, and in a huge way, I think it’s a middle finger to all of the (especially European) countries that created the very style and can now can hardly afford to even think about doing something like this. It’s scarily fascinating at a time in which the west is on a slippery slope downward from its power trip, both fiscally and politically. It should be known, that I am eagerly then awaiting the James Bond character who will surely infiltrate it after it’s found to house biological WMDs and a communist madman. Preferably with a camera crew and a damn good director.


~ by crossmd on September 16, 2011.

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