I love this, and I love how many different aspects of the artistic experience this tries (and rather successfully achieves, IMO) to encompass. It’s so palpably beautiful, especially within the space of the museum. Where my interest was especially piqued though, was the idea of a “viewer” likening it to a church. Though this is not a new idea – (the notion of the museum as the modern day/secular bastion of intellection and emotion), this piece takes that to the most accurate level that I can imagine. Especially in Midtown, there’s such a dichotomy between being in the quintessential urban space, really the capital of the world in a way, and then moving into something that’s so unearthly delicate, so ethereally engaging. How do even secular experiences in a certain context become the new way for us all now to maybe resonate spiritually within a place? Is it possible to not find something like this absolutely gorgeous?

Maybe the future in the entirety of artistic creation is in holistic sensory experiences like this.


~ by crossmd on October 13, 2011.

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